What to Eat in Singpore


The people of Singapore are one of the most unique in Asia in such a way that Singaporeans love to eat every now and then. Eating and dining out seems to be a national pastime for many Singaporeans and to vouchsafe for this are the myriad of food establishments that abound in every street of the country. Top caliber hotels in Singapore are known for the gastronomic buffet meals they serve to their guests.

But if you are a foreign national, how do you figure out where to eat in Singapore?

Lau Pa Sat, the Newton Circle and the Geylang districts are just a few of the top places you can go to if you want to try foods that can satisfy your discriminating taste. But be aware that you have the liberty to beyond what they offer.

By bringing yourself to the very heart of the residential community you will surely come across a haven for romantic dinner Singapore. One such place to go to on this purpose is Kovan, previously was a part of Hougang. Today the place is considered by foreign tourists and even locals as haven for great food. If you have no idea what to eat in Singapore, this should be the best place to go to first.

The town is quiet and placid during the day, but come weekend and the whole community comes back to life again. People flock the place in search of late-night treats most especially at night. It is teeming with a number of small Italian restaurants, cafes and a few family-run businesses. The food establishments here are perfect venues for romantic dinner Singapore, offering international and Italian cuisines and an array of desserts for those who have sweet cravings.

If it is your first time to visit Singapore, make it sure that you don’t miss out going to Kovan Hougang Food Centre. Locals refer to this place as hawker centers. If you have no idea what to eat in Singapore, you need to drop by in this area first if you want to have a taste of the country’s local flavor. Food that you will usually find here are actually the ones that most Singaporeans have grown up eating. There is no need to worry about the costs as foods in offer here are all reasonably priced. One of the most in demand dishes here are the Nasi Lemak and the Teochew Porridge.