Top Italian Restaurants in Singapore

A myriad of restaurants and food establishments can be found in Singapore. Out of these food establishments one sector that really stands out the most among them are the Italian restaurant Singapore. The majority of the good Italian restaurants in Singapore started out first as small grocery stores, small scale businesses from a family of Italian immigrants. These top Italian restaurants in Singapore catered first to ethnic neighbors by serving them native Italian dishes that are robustly flavored and are offered at very affordable prices. These businesses slowly developed which we now know as some of the best Italian restaurants in Singapore.

If you have a discriminating taste when it comes to pasta dishes and is looking for the best pasta in Singapore, you might want to try out first pasta dishes being served by these top Italian restaurants in Singapore. Italian cuisine is way much different than other cuisines of the world. Italian foods are primarily based on home cooking and thus you can only expect flavorful dishes, whether it’s spaghetti, macaroni or ravioli pasta. The kind of pasta that we’re most familiar with is the spaghetti, it comes from the word “spago” which means ‘string’. Macaroni, on the other hand, is a kind of pasta that comes in tubular form. Ravioli pasta, which comes from the north of Italy, is best prepared when stuffed with cheese or meat whereas in southern part it comes with tomato sauce minus the meat. These three pastas are usually included in the pasta dishes served in the best Italian restaurants in Singapore.
You can also find in good Italian restaurants in Singapore a variety of pizzas with different toppings. You can go for Hawaiian that has pineapples or seafood if you like it. But do you know from what part of Italy pizza was first served? It is believed that pizza was first created and served in Naples, Italy. Pizza, as we now know it, was first introduced to American soldiers during the World War II and since then became an American favorite.

Most of the consumers today have this notion that it is typical of Italian restaurant Singapore to serve pasta dishes; these food establishments are substantial to the immense popularity of pasta dishes today. Currently there is a wide array of Italian-style restaurants in Singapore, from high-style restaurants to stand-in-line food service. In high-style Italian restaurant Singapore, you’d be greeted first by a maitre d’hotel. Usually this person is seated on a plush chair and you’re food served with polished silver.