The Best Pizzeria in Singapore

When we think of pizza we usually think they originated from Italy but matter of fact is they were first served in ancient Egypt. People in ancient Egypt added spices and herbs on their flat breads and cooked them on hot stones to be baked. The Italian pizza we know of only appeared in the 16th century were notable additions to it were crushed tomatoes that were spread over the foccacia and added with herbs and spices. It is a filling treat and cheap to make, reason why it became a staple food in the Naples. Thus, this gave us the impression that Italy is the birthplace of pizza.
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Going forward, Singapore is believed by many as the food mecca of the world. There is so much truth in this. This implies that whatever type of food you are crave, you can have your blast of gastronomic proportions here. With each dish served in a gamut of restaurants found all over Singapore, you can see the cultural diversity found in them. They are influenced by neighboring countries and people who used to trade with Singapore in earlier times. Pizza lovers will never have a hard time looking for the best pizza in Singapore, and  is served here at Etna, an  Italian Restaurant and Pizzeria.
italian restaurant singapore
People keep coming back to our restaurant for their special occasions and when they want to dine out with family, friends and colleagues and they have all the right reasons to say that the best pizzas in Duxton are found  here on our tables. Even the people who live in the East Coast are  pointing at us to have the best pizza in East Coast.
italian restaurant singaporeitalian restaurant singapore
Aside from being a pizzeria, we also serve  authentic Italian cuisine and present them to you, our valued customers,  in a contemporary style. Thus  we are often told this to our regular patrons when dining with us “Let your taste buds take a trip around Italy.” Our menu is packed with food and recipes that will satisfy your palate, so we are certain that even if you have the most discriminating tastes when it comes to pizza or you have an insatiable penchant for Italian food we  assure you that you will put us on top of your A-list restaurants after you dine in with us.
italian restaurant singaporeitalian restaurant singapore
Indeed we are a top caliber Italian restaurant and we have a number of reasons why we are so proud here at Etna, and here are just a few of the reasons why you should come and visit us real soon:

  1. We’re certified as one of Singapore’s Top Restaurants by Wine & Dine Magazine (published in The Restaurant Guide Book)
  2. We’re awarded Service Star Award by STB for service excellence for 2 years running
  3. We’re Singapore’s ONLY female Italian Executive Chef – Ms Anna Borrasi (also a shareholder)
  4. ETNA has 3 Italian shareholders
  5. We have a Female-driven team of management
  6. We have certified wine sommeliers on the service team
  7. We have professional and promising service and kitchen team
  8. Our wine list consists of 90% Italian wine from different regions
  9. We also boast of our Ospitalita Italiana Gold Seal ETNA is 1 of 30 Authentic Italian Restaurants in Singapore.

This authentication is given in a form of a Gold Seat award which is certified by the Italian Government
See the links below for details:

There are very specific requirements to be met to even be eligible to be nominated. We have    been nominated for 3 years running.
italian restaurant singapore
Relying on Google search to find the best pizzeria or fine Italian restaurant to dine in is not always the best option to take. Word of mouth recommendation from other people based on their first hand experience in terms of service, food quality, ambience and cost is still your best guide to use to find what you are looking for. Here with Etna Pizzeria and Italian Restaurant, our patrons spread the best experiences they had with us and the experts in the restaurant industry graciously rewards us for our efforts.
italian restaurant singapore